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This is a list of Galaxy Nexus Android™ Roms found on the Galaxy Nexus XDA Developers Galaxy Nexus Android Development thread. This site tries to give an overview of the different Android™ Roms available and provide a bird's eye view of the rom updates. All the data are fetched from the XDA Developers site. This list of Roms is not by any means complete or 100% accurate. Please contact me for any updates / feedback / suggestions you might have.
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by molesarecoming
  • Rom type: GSM
  • Updated: 15 Sep 14, 10:40
  • Base: CyanogenMod 10
  • Android ver: 4.1.1 (JB - Jellybean)
  • Replies: 41,224
  • Replies per day: 47
  • Views: 7,239,550
  • Last post: 17th September 2014 06:33 AM
  • Date added: 30 Apr 12, 19:48